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“We make effective online learning happen for your organization”

Whilst the use of E-learning is growing in industry and education globally it is difficult for small and medium sized businesses, charities and individual educational institutions to develop and host their own e-learning content. Consequently there is only limited take up of high quality e-learning and blended learning strategies.

Never has it been more important to integrate technology into learning to not only ensure your people keep on learning and developing but also to raise their awareness of what technology can achieve for your organization. Open Adult College provides an affordable approach for smaller organizations to access customised and generic online courses for adults whether they are in paid or voluntary employment, at college or as beneficiaries of your organization.

Definitions of E-learningE-Learning typed into a URL

The Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) defines e-learning as ‘learning facilitated and supported through the use of ICT. It may

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Creating a Shared CurriculumWorkflow of manufacturing a curriculum

Stages in the Manufacturing Process Stage 1: Market Map Need – Before starting to consider developing blended learning for sharing 

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What is a Shared Curriculum?Adult students learning online

At the AoC Shared Curriculum Conference on 18th June 2013 for curriculum leaders in Further Education Christina Conroy defined what

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